Friday, 27 September 2013

Spinning clown

Walt: solve problems in statistics.

Spinning clown

This game is simple to play and easy to complete. You just have to choose the right spinning top. It has a little problem in the middle of the board that instructs you. Next I would like to play a similar game to this, but harder and one with more options.

Monday, 23 September 2013


Walt: solve problems in statistics.


These two games had to do with probability, and a little bit about statistics. The first game was about a girl and her sister. Her sister wasn't playing fair. The second game was about knowing how to do probability with cupcake options. I found these to games abit easy and challenging because the problem always changes. Both games were hard to understand in the beginning. Next I would like to learn how to solve harder problems than these two games.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

All about me-the start of this year

All about me in 2013

I hope to learn a lot more about measurements and volume in the maths category. Measurements and volume is one of the hardest things in the maths category for me. I need to grab a book at the library or even do measurement and volume homework.
I would love to learn college so I don't need to worry when it comes to scholarship examines. I want something challenging for me to learn this year. The goal for me this year is to keep up with work and don't slow down. I would also love to learn how to make a lot of friends and how to ignore the silly students.

This year in my opinion, would be exciting. Learning new things such as, the hard things like year 8 work. With work I would make it exciting not hard and stressing about it. I think it won't be that long for me to get use to the new work. I can not wait until we go technology because there will be more of us then last year..

Leadership will take a lot of learning for, like transporting the parents to their set to watch an amazing thing like Jump rope. Also learning how to be a receptionist, learning how to cooperate with people on the phone. Learning things for me is exciting.

The thing I am looking forward to this year is when our school has the athletics events. I love that sport the most. It helps me with exercise and everything else. Challenging others is what I like doing. It is fun and competitive for me.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Measure and record

Walt: measure and record how many times the marble rolls and where it lands. 

Measure and record

In this picture, it shows the cardboard ramp that we used to roll the marble down. Mary and I used the dictionary books to stand the cardboard ramp up. After rolling the marble down the ramp, get the measuring tape in line with the marble and record the number on the measuring tape. The paper under the measuring tape is for the marble to roll straight. The maths book on the side has the last records. The girl in the background, Alisi, is also playing the same game.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Marble roll-Ramp A and B

Walt: 1.measure and record distances accurately.
        2.graph the starting position and distances travelled.
        3.On scatter graph, talk about distinctive features of scatter graphs.
        4.make statements, backed up by reference to graphs, about possible actions.  

Marble roll-Ramp A

In our maths group we dropped the marble to roll down the rivet, (a wooden ramp) or a cardboard ramp (handmade). First we dropped the marble on a special point marked on the ramp. The first point was 45 and we used the rivet. We rolled the marble 4 times and recorded it. We also did that with other marked places, next we drew a scatter graph.
My scatter graph wasn't very good so I borrowed my friends one. I found it hard to challenging to understand, later on it got easier to work. Next our teacher told us to try a website of scatter graphs online.

I found that the scatter graphs online were better than in making it. I was confused in the beginning but after a few trials, it was simple. After all this I had to analyze it. Our teacher told us children, to get past level 4, we have to know how to draw and stack data into scatter graphs and line graphs.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Tony William-author

Walt: study Tony Williams life, mainly speaking about his education life.

Tony Williams-author

Tony Williams is an author, comedian, poet, director and film-maker. He has written children's books, mystery, murder, sports and war. Tony William mostly writes about Success. Tony Williams wrote about rugby and mostly boys read those books. If you love rugby and like reading then it is best if you read one of Tony Williams books, Tony William wrote about the, Blues, Chiefs, Crusaders, Highlanders, and Hurricanes. Once Tony Williams wrote in the daily post about unsolved Murder in New Zealand. He has written 37 books and most of them are aimed at boys.

Questions for Tony Williams

1. Do you have any children?

2. What are your favourite hobbies? And why?

3. What do you do in your spare time? And why?

4. What books do you think are good? (your books that you wrote)

5. Do you like being an author?

6. Is it hard to do so many things at once?

7. What was your hardest job?

8. Are you going to write more sports books.

9. How many times have you written in the herald?

10. Do you read your books to your children? (If you have any)

11. Was it hard for you to write all the sports?

12. How did you became an author?

Friday, 13 September 2013


Walt: study skin infections.

Impetigo-The skin

What is impetigo?

Impetigo is a skin infections which is contagious. Impetigo is spread around human beings quickly. It can transform into yellow crusty sores. It is also a rash that affects the epidermis. It can spread human contact, or germs from a thing that the infected person has touched. It is most contagious when the rash is oozing. It starts as blisters.

Who are most infected?

Childrens and little babies are mostly infected.  I think that childrens and babies mostly get infected with Impetigo because they elders, make contact with the little ones more often.

How we identify impetigo?

Impetigo appears mostly on the face, arms and legs, sometimes on the elbows. You will find, on someone elses face, there would be pus coming out of the rash or, it is very close to the nose. Impetigo is easily spotted and easily given to another.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Walt: to discuss the problem and the solution in sequence.


Tasha sees the rose that Robbie holds tightly up on his chest. “Who is that for???” Tasha questions Robbie. Robbie is being annoyed and he doesn’t like it. Tasha disturbs him with girls names, she guesses who he will give it too. Tasha sat next to him on the bus and Robbie frowns and says “Why can’t you sit somewhere else?” Tasha ignores his question and lights up her face asking “What about ‘Here is a token of my love’ Karen” Robbie started blushing about what she said-but he was still distracted. Once the bus stopped Robbie ran as fast as he could away from his annoying sister.

Robbie was keeping a close eye Karen when she was grinning at Brett Harveys expensive jokes. Karen was entertained while Robbie was watching her laugh with joy. His friend Dan came over and explained to Robbie about his Valentines day. Dan was upset that Angela didn't get anything because Dan had nothing to give. Angela had a sour face all day, everywhere she went she felt down. Dan asked Robbie for money but Robbie had none. While Dan was asking and explaining, Robbie couldn't concentrate because he could hear Karens laugh in the background. Robbie and his friend, Dan left the room to get away from the connection between Karen and Brett.

Robbie directed Dan to the rose he through inside his locker. Robbie dragged it out and pushed it against Dan. Robbie said quickly “Give it to Angela” Dan was happy and also shocked because he was suspicious about who Dan was going to give it too. Robbie looked down and said that it was for no one. Dan read his body language and questioned “Do you still like Karen?” Robbie was honest with Dan's question and replied “I like her but I don’t think she likes me” Dan tried to care but he was overwhelmed with the rose. Dan left.

Robbie decided to walk home and ditch the bus. He went training but he already knew he had to walk past the bus stop. He didn't want to go past the bus, or on the bus, because he knew Karen would be there.

When he was walking past, Karen said hi from afar. Robbie thought she was waving to Brett but it was just Robbie. Karen shoved an envelope into Robbie's hand and had a little chat. Karen was saying goodbye but Robbie was already tearing the envelope open. It had a little message saying “To Robbie, Happy Valentine’s”

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Probabilities and graphs

Walt: understand how to make and use graphs.

graph games 1

In these three games, they all relate to displaying data. The easiest part would be selecting the building/flies or dots. The challenging part would be working out the problems in every game. Next I would like to learn how to draw different graphs.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Milks in Schools

Walt: share our thoughts on “Milks in Schools”

Milks in Schools

I think children need milk because it keeps them energised and some children tend to like milk.

The government shouldn't be responsible for giving the children milk it should be more like the parents giving the milk to the children. If the parents can’t give milk for their children then the government shouldn't, I mean, Why should the government give milk? Some parents don’t give milk because milk is not really important to give to children anyway.

If milk was given to the children it would make them happy. Milk has calcium, and calcium gives people energy to do things.

Poverty is the real issue in New Zealand, but not just New Zealand, because the people that live in my environment, do not spend their money wisely and most people are unemployed, they rely on the benefit. Others don’t have time to buy milk for children to drink, they use the milk for other things like their cereals and ect.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Prize giving was AMAZING

On Tuesday 3rd September, we didn't have a game of Netball instead, we had prize giving. At prize giving, lots of teams were receiving certificates and a gift. I found that day to be amazing but the worst part was when I walked on stage, and my friend Mary, pulled the back of my shoes. We sat on high chairs looking at everyone smile. Prize giving was really short but also fun. My favourite part of the day would have been taking photos with the team. :)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

The skin

Cross Country-poem/rap

Walt: write a rap/poem.

Cross Country

Sweat slides down my face
Persevered to finish the race
I really want to come first
Everything just gets worse

Jogging at the very start
All I hear is my dangerous heart
Beating at a very high rate
At the end...I feel great

I have to try to beat the time
The mud looks like slime
My friends are very slow
But their energy tends to grow

At the end, I start to sprint
The marshals give me positive hints
Bouncing on the wet grass
Wear shoes to not stand on glass

Tired as can be
I can see a lot of trees
Competing with other people
Cheating shouldn't be legal

Running in a big group
Going through loop to loops
I see Claudia  way ahead

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wellington's people saddened

Walt: write a report/narrative.

On the 29th of August, room 11 decided to write a report or narrative about the Sumatran tiger who died.

 A 21 year old tiger named Cantik, died in Wellington zoo. Normal tigers in the wild died after 10 years living, tigers in the zoo died after 20 years of living but Cantik, died 1 year after. Cantik was apart of the breeding industry so her species could survive. She was suffering from cancer and arthritis. Cantik was brought to the Wellington zoo from Netherlands for 1994. The doctors and people couldn't handle her suffering so they euthanized her. They drugged her and put her down without suffering. Cantik had 20 cubs and after the tragic incident, all her cubs went to different zoos in Australia, and New Zealand.

Sumatran tiger facts;

The Sumatran tigers are the smallest tigers in the tiger species. They have powerful legs, huge paws, and a powerful jaw. Sumatran tigers always stay near their mother and never make contact with their father. There is only 300-400 Sumatran tigers left in the world. Did you know that Sumatran tigers are very fast swimmers. All Sumatran Tigers have different strip and fur patterns because they all are not the same. Sumatran tigers are critically endangered. 90% of Sumatran tigers failed to catch their prey.

I think that the Sumatran tigers is special because they come from the Netherlands. These tigers are very interesting because their species is about to be extinct. I found out that these tigers are fast swimmers I was shocked. I have never seen a Cantik but what I have heard from, Cantik sounds sensitive. I thought it was sad when Cantik was euthanized. I think that the Wellington's people would be hurtful to hear about Cantik.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Right connections

Walt: connect the right meanings to the words.

Connecting the meanings

In this game, we were learning to connect the words (from statistics) this game testes if we know what it means. The easy part was reading the sentences and connect them. The challenging part was knowing which connection is right. I like how the colours are all different. You cannot submit the survey without answering all the questions. Next I would like to play a game similar to this, but a lot harder.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Statistics-graphs of the sports camp T-shirt

Walt: draw 3 different graphs that show your survey has been complete.

Pie graph   

Line graph

Column graph

In our group, we have been revising statistics. We have decided to do three different graphs to show our working. the green group in maths had to do a survey for the sports camp T-shirts. I had to survey 50 people. The question was “What do you think the weight of the fabric for the sports camp t-shirt should be?” The higher the quality (weight) the stronger it is. 6 people wanted the weight to be 160 grams. 160 grams is light but can easily rip when you are running. 18 people chose 180 grams. 180 grams is a little light but cannot rip easily. 11 people went for 200 grams. 200 grams is strong and warm when you are running. 13 people went for 220 grams. 220 grams is very strong but is very warm as well, some of the reasons they chose this is because, it is going to be winter, you will keep warm, and it will last longer. Only 1 person said that it should be 500 grams. What do you think it should be?