Monday, 26 August 2013

Pio Terei-My inspirational person

Walt: use our research to write an essay on an inspirational person.

My inspirational character

Pio Terei is my inspirational character because he is very funny and he is never unemployed. He started of as a car salesman. He has a wife and 3 loving children. He is now starring in a New Zealand travel showed ‘Are we there yet?’ on TV ONE. He is also a fisherman and I like fishing sometimes. Terei is a musician too, I love music but not making music. Terei is interested in parenting values so he really cares for his children. He is also a member of “Board of Trustees” (representing parents) He stars in ten different movies, and in most of them he is the main character.

In 1995 Terei headlined his own TV3 show ‘Pete and Pio’ He also hosted ‘Coca Cola Christmas in the park’ thousands of people were watching. After a few other programmes he hosted, in 2000 a TVNZ programme called ‘The Life and Times of Te Tutu’. In the 1800’s he was a Maori Chief and I am also a Maori. He has always tried to improve the Maori culture.

Terei is a very talented musician. On Maori Channel he hosted a fishing show and was a spokesperson for NZ Coastguard. Terei was the presenter and spokesperson for Parent Inc. Terei is the face for Free view, he is a great TV . Free-view used Pio Terei because everyones knows him and he has a good sense of humour. He wants to help parents become better parents.

Right now Terei lives in Auckland, New Zealand. He still lives with his 3 children and his wife, Debbie. I inspire his commitment to his work and how many programmes he has starred in. I inspire what he is interested in and what he does in his spare time. I like that Terei is not a show-off with his life. Terei doesn't brag about his life and tell the world what he does. I inspire him being a member of parenting clubs and board of trustees. I inspire the sacrifices he makes with his work and family. I inspire that Terei sticks up for other people and presents other peoples stuff. I admire him because he is a very good TV reporter and he doesn't use the Maori slang.
“Bringing up kids well and having fun with them is the best thing you can do” Terei says.


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