Friday, 30 August 2013

The arguement

Walt; study the character that has been chosen in the story.

The argument

I chose to study a character, the koro (Grandpa). Koro is an interesting character in the story, The argument. He shows that he is a caring person because he doesn't want his son (Uncle Eru) to stop drinking and smoking, this is why he is an interesting character. Koro is sensitive. This is evident when Koro began to cry. Koro is also angry. The author explains this when Koro starts arguing with Uncle Eru. Koro is very inspiring to me and caring for his son. When koro heard about Uncle Eru in hospital, he didn't want to talk about him. Koro does is Uncle Eru but doesn't want to say it because he is disappointed at him. He is always in the garden, ever since Uncle Eru had his accident.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Pizza game

Walt: make and serve pizzas as quickly as we can.

Pizza game

The point of playing this game, was to find how fast you can finish, and to get a lot of tips. In this game, first you take the order. Then place the fillings on the pizza, put the fillings in the right place and make sure you have the right fillings. After that you cut the pizza. Then finally serve the pizza to the customer. I know how to play this game because I have played it in the past. The easy part of this game would be dragging the fillings on. The challenging part would be keeping an eye on the pizza when it is in the oven. The exercise could be harder if there were more filling options and more customers. I think I can get more tips by making the pizzas faster. Next I would want to play different games similar to this one, but different foods.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Walt: analyse the character in a story.


In this story I decided to study on Min. Min one of the main characters, she is the Mother or friend in the story. One day Min was offered from her daughters teacher, Ms. Mooliba, if she could come to school to talk about her experience around the world. Min is very unique and weird in a way. Min eats a lot in the story, and everything she eats is from a different country. Min can speak 5 different language and she has travelled all around the world. Min doesn't care about how you van is looked but her daughter, Jig, does. When Jigs teacher goes to have dinner with Min and Jig, Min rearranged everything, all Min’s weird things disappeared. Min wears different clothes everyday, first day, she's wearing a long dress, second day, shes wearing a Greek thing.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Pio Terei-My inspirational person

Walt: use our research to write an essay on an inspirational person.

My inspirational character

Pio Terei is my inspirational character because he is very funny and he is never unemployed. He started of as a car salesman. He has a wife and 3 loving children. He is now starring in a New Zealand travel showed ‘Are we there yet?’ on TV ONE. He is also a fisherman and I like fishing sometimes. Terei is a musician too, I love music but not making music. Terei is interested in parenting values so he really cares for his children. He is also a member of “Board of Trustees” (representing parents) He stars in ten different movies, and in most of them he is the main character.

In 1995 Terei headlined his own TV3 show ‘Pete and Pio’ He also hosted ‘Coca Cola Christmas in the park’ thousands of people were watching. After a few other programmes he hosted, in 2000 a TVNZ programme called ‘The Life and Times of Te Tutu’. In the 1800’s he was a Maori Chief and I am also a Maori. He has always tried to improve the Maori culture.

Terei is a very talented musician. On Maori Channel he hosted a fishing show and was a spokesperson for NZ Coastguard. Terei was the presenter and spokesperson for Parent Inc. Terei is the face for Free view, he is a great TV . Free-view used Pio Terei because everyones knows him and he has a good sense of humour. He wants to help parents become better parents.

Right now Terei lives in Auckland, New Zealand. He still lives with his 3 children and his wife, Debbie. I inspire his commitment to his work and how many programmes he has starred in. I inspire what he is interested in and what he does in his spare time. I like that Terei is not a show-off with his life. Terei doesn't brag about his life and tell the world what he does. I inspire him being a member of parenting clubs and board of trustees. I inspire the sacrifices he makes with his work and family. I inspire that Terei sticks up for other people and presents other peoples stuff. I admire him because he is a very good TV reporter and he doesn't use the Maori slang.
“Bringing up kids well and having fun with them is the best thing you can do” Terei says.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Simplify fractions

Walt:Add and subtract fractions with related denominators.

Simplify fractions

These two games are very different. They both are easy because we are just revisiting them. The challenging part would be trying to beat the score. The point of these games is to first make the fractions equivalent and then find the answer. Next I would like to learn how to divide different different denominators.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Basketball rap/poem

Walt: write a rap/poem.


The ball soaring through the air
Everything is going fine
We all try to play fair
When I shoot the ball I shine
Dribbling the ball for a while

Sharing the ball with others                                                                
The opposition has no smile
I might want to teach my brothers
We are winning by a mile
I’m not showing off
But they haven't been winning in a while

They suck! Cough! Cough!
The coach yells “Protect the ball with your shoulders”
If they’re more skilled than you, play tough
It doesn’t matter if they are older

Friday, 16 August 2013

Just like new

My link to my movie. Click on the link to watch my movie about, our activity this week.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Prevention is better than cure

Walt: respond to the presentation given by the public health department.

Prevention is better than Cure
On Tuesday 6 August, at 11 o'clock, some people came to our school to chat to all the students about keeping our skin healthy. Dr. Alison Leversha talked to us about keeping our skin healthy and telling us what to do when we have a sore throat. She told us about a swab going into your mouth to take a sample of your throat, and the swab will go to the lab to get analysed. She demonstrated how a swab is taken by using one of the warriors.

Three warriors came to our school to show our students how to say “ahh”. The Vodafone Warriors names were Ben Henry, Steve Rapira and Sione Louis. Sione got his throat checked that day. After they were on the stage they walked down the stairs and sat on some chairs. They made the students listen to them.

Awen Guttenbeil talked about his experience. One day he had a sore throat and he didn't want to tell his parents because he loved playing sports. The next morning he woke up and he felt paralysed, he had sore joints and he couldn't walk. Awen had to drag himself down the hallway to warn his parents that he couldn't feel anything, they were concerned. For 10 years afterwards he had to take his injections on his hip but continued to  play sports.
All the people who came that day were truly amazing and tried their very best to send a message to everyone. I think that they all did a great job explaining to the students about the link between skin problems ,sore throats and rheumatic fever. The message is  don’t ignore a sore throat or skin problems because it could lead to rheumatic fever.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Money Wise

Walt: write a response to the talk by Evan.

Money Wise

After Evans talk (a guy from the ASB Bank) I thought about what he was talking about. When he was talking, lots of words were running through my head. I thought that I should start earning money for myself to save up for what I want. Evan made me feel the need to start saving. He told us about his friends, how they saved money and how he saved money. Evan is really funny, he made me laugh for long. I learnt that people can have fun without money. Evan also told us that our families might be low on cash or very well with cash, or even between. There are so many Careers out there so there is a variety to choose from when I'm older. There is a law saying that if your boss doesn't let you have a break than he is breaking the law. In New Zealand, the lowest amount of pay a hour has to be $13.75.


Walt: retell a story.


Mum and dad was losing their minds, searching for the chilly bins lid. Dad was messing everything up. Mum was constantly sighing in the kitchen and Anna and Diggity (the dog) was waiting patiently in the lounge, already packed to go to the beach. Mum got annoyed with the dads muttering so she decided to look for the chilly bins lid herself. She found it behind the washing machine and mumbled that she knew dad didn't look properly. Everything was packed and they were all ready to go to the beach.

At the beach, the sun was beaming brightly and everyone needed sun glasses. There wasn't many people there. There was a boy playing with a beach ball and two teenaged girls sunbathing, also two dogs rumbling with each other. Diggity looked at the dogs and gave them a welcoming bark. Diggity started digging into the sand with his claws and made a deep hole. Mum went away with Lucy (the little sister) because Diggity was digging near her. Anna was trying her very best to keep a close eye on Diggity. First Diggity was chasing his tail, then the next thing he disappeared, that is why Anna kept a close eye on Diggity.

Anna was panning around to see where her dad is. She found him with Diggity doing something from a distance. Anna followed to see what was going on. When she was near her dad she saw a dark brown furred dog climbing all over Diggity with his sharp teeth. Diggity's silky yellow fur had lots of blood all over. Dad tried to scare away the vicious dog but it wouldn't leave. The tides came out and the black dog was scared off the water.  Anna was worrying badly, her heart was beating faster than ever. Everyone was already in the car with the engine already turned on. Dad was holding Diggity in his arms carrying him to the car. They rushed to the vet as fast as possible.

At the vet, Diggitys blood was everywhere. The family had to stay out for a moment the waiting area. The nurse came out and told them she would call them tomorrow. The next day the house was silent, everyone was waiting impatiently for the phone to ring. Once the phone rang, no one wanted to answer it because they had a tingling feeling that it would be bad news. Dad picked up the phone and the nurse said everything is alright. Diggity is now home and he doesn't look very well. Diggity has lots of badges all over his fur. Anna was constantly hugging and staying with Diggity, she was happy that he was finally home.

Revisiting mixed fractions

Walt: Revisit renaming fractions,placing fractions on a number line and order fractions.

Revisiting Mixed numbers

I know how to solve these problems because I have did this before. I used a number line to find which one is the smallest fraction, or make each fraction equivalent. They both are very easy games because I have did them in the past. I don't find anything challenging in these games. Next  I would like to learn how to order large fractions.