Friday, 28 June 2013

Rich task

Walt: solve a rich task.

Rich task

This task was extremely difficult to work out. There were no easy parts in this problem. The problem was to find out about how many people could have a normal dessert size piece of the cake. The cake was 4.8 metres long, 3 metres wide and 1 metre high. First, as a group, we worked out about what a normal size was and it was 512 cm cubed, because we all agreed that that amount was enough. Then we worked out about how much the actual size was. We converted the metres to centimetres. Then multiplied the answer by 512. The answer was 28,125.

4.8m x 3m x 1m cubed=
480cm x 300cm x 100 cm cubed=
480cm x 300cm=
144,000cm x 100cm
= 14,400,000cm cubed x 512
=28,125 cm cubed

It takes 28,125 people to eat a normal size piece of cake.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Design a party-area and perimeter

Walt: revisit perimeter and area problems.

Design a party-area and perimeter

I was learning  area and perimeter. The aim of this game was to make sure that the squares don’t overlap each other. The easiest part of this game was dragging the square where you want it to go. There is not much easy parts in this game, but there is lots of hard games. The challenging part of this game was finding the area and perimeter. It is really hard to finish this game as more things pop up. For this game I have created a party with no help. I had to find the area and the perimeter of the instrument. Next, I would like to have more challenging questions and to work smaller units.  

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Mum stepped...

Walt: use better words.

Mum stepped...

Mum stepped inside a flower store. I was trying to detect what she was doing. It was a drowsy day and I was inside the car. Rain was pounding on the car and I was frightened. I wished I stayed at school till 3 o'clock.

Once we got home, the whole family was sobbing profusely. I still had no idea what was going on. Everyone was hugging me tightly, and leaning on my shoulder. I visited my brothers room to question him about what was going on, I leaned against the his bedroom door, it sounded like he was over dramatic. I opened the door and he was sitting down dripping tears from his swollen eyes. Some of my nephews were walking past, wearing black. I tried crawling through everyones legs find my mother, but I am not fit enough to survive a nightmare.

For the rest of the day, I sat in my room, I could not hear anything from my mum. My dad barged in my room, head down.

I questioned him, “What is everyone crying about?”.

He sat down beside me and sulked like everyone else did. My brother finally decided to visit me. He sat down and told me that someone died and started whining. I was confused and worried at the same time.  I put on some black clothes and sat next to my mum, holding her hand so she can feel my warmth. I was singing songs like everyone else. I think my mother wasn't talking to anyone because she was really hurt for whoever died.

After the funeral was over, the house looked like a jungle. I couldn't do anything but moan to my dad. I tried moaning to my mum but she wouldn't care. My brothers room was even worser than the rest of the house. I saw pictures of my little sister everywhere. I turned on the news and there were pictures of her on the news. There was a coffin and flowers beside the coffin. I glared at the flowers and said to myself “Hey, aren't those the flowers that mum bought from the flower store”.

I realized that my little sister died. The news said that she starved to death. I went crazy as ever. My dad came in my room and saw it a mess. I threw a chair at him and luckily he shut the door before the chair reached him. I ran away from home and didn't come home for three days. Once I came home, I decided to polish the house by myself while everyone was dreaming. Early in the morning, mum carried me in my room and dumped me on my bed.

The next night, I wrote my mum a letter and apologized to my dad for that terrible incident. My brother and I protected each other for the rest of our lives. “Daniella is in heaven, and resting in peace,” I said to my mum. She said “I am glad you said that.” We hugged for long and started crying later.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Ancient Egypt-information report

Walt: write an information report.

Ancient Egypt

Egypt is in North Africa. In Ancient Egypt there were so many interesting things about it. 5000 years ago, Egyptians were building pyramids.


The great pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of all pyramids in Egypt. Pyramid of king Khufu is the oldest of the Ancient Wonders of the world, and the last Wonder still standing. For over 3800 years, the great pyramid of Giza was the tallest man made structure to be built. Nearly all Egyptian Pyramids are located on the West bank of the Nile River. Building a pyramid wasn't an everyday event. Workers used limestone and mud blocks to build with. The pyramid of Giza has stood for over 5000 years.


Tomb robbers wanted to rob mainly royal tombs, and most were robbed. Egyptians drew on the tombs and the drawings represented want they do everyday. Tombs were placed inside pyramids. The coffins with a body inside, had to go inside a tomb.

The written word

Some people believe that Egyptians were the inventors of writing. No one knows if they got writing from their neighbours, the Sumerian. It is believed that they both started around 3100 BC. Egyptian writing is called Hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics was discovered by Archaeologist. Hieroglyphics is a very sophisticated writing, it has symbols which is hard to put together as a word.


Mummies are bodies that have been wrapped and stored away inside a pyramid. It is believed that, if you find the mummy, you will be cursed for the rest of your life. The Egyptians used linen cloth and salt to make a mummy. They also believed that a priest can take the sole to the next world, meaning, afterlife.


The Egyptians contributed to time. Today is the same calendar that the Egyptians used 5000 years ago. First we had 12 hours in one day. After that, the Egyptians divided it into 24 hours, 12 hours in night and 12 hours in the day. In a year, we had 360 days to start of with. The Egyptians asked the gods for another 5 days for feasting. Which adds up to 365 days in a year. Today we have 365 day on a year. So we copied the Egyptians.


In Ancient Egypt, everyone had a job. There was farming, being a farmer, doctor, labourer, priest, jackal, pharaoh and a visor. A doctor is one of the best jobs, you get to help a lot of people. A labourer builds the pyramids. A priest sends a sole to the next world. A jackal is similar to a priest. A Pharaoh is related to to the royal family. A visor gets a lot of money, they give advice to a Pharaoh.

Friday, 21 June 2013


Walt: to revisit perimeter and area problems.


I am learning how to find the area of a shape given. I’ve did area problems before but I am revisiting it. The easy part about the game was dragging the ruler and measuring the rectangle, I did this in my brain. The challenging part was finding out what the area of the shape was. HOw to solve area problems with large numbers.

Friday, 14 June 2013

My day as a doctor in Ancient Egypt

Walt: write in paragraphs

My day as a doctor in Ancient Egypt

Today was really hard for me as a doctor. I knew what to do when a patient came to me. I was mending too many bones today. The medicine that I used was made out of Garlic and Juniper. Juniper is sweet-smelling berries.

My job was one of the best jobs. I had a helpful job because I helped a lot of people with their bad bones. I am good as a doctor because I know when a body is bad or good condition. I feel sad watching labourers with bad problems. I got paid a lot of money today, just enough to buy different clothes, and food. I have been working over 20 years, and my grandma and grandpa and everyone in my family was a doctor.

It is now lunch time and I am ordering bread and beer for me. Bread is really common for me to eat and at times, I would be allowed to eat meat. Beer is really soothing for me and most of the times, I really need it. I got dehydrated a lot of times today, so the beer helped a lot.

I had an awesome day, I feel like a hero for helping all those patients. I am happy that they finished the the great pyramid of Giza, now I don’t need much patients any more.


Walt: Revisit strategies to solve problems.


In these two games, you have to find the reflection of the shape or letter. I know this game because our teacher taught us last year. The easiest part about this game was choosing the answer, the hard part was knowing which answer is right. Next I would like to do symmetry with more difficult shapes.  These two games were basically choosing and teaching you about symmetry.

Jump rope

Walt: write a report.

Jump Rope

On the 7th of June, Glen Innes school did an outstanding jump rope performance. All the children from year 1 to year 8 performed some unique routines. This was performed to educate people that, we have to keep our heart pumping by exercising. Glen Innes School did this in their hall, and next it is going to be GI centre. All the children skipped till they ran out of breath.

All the classes had different routines. All students were very skilled and and perfect. Everyone could see the enthusiasm in the little kids eyes. Everyone was out of energy when it was all was over. Everyone wanted a long rest. The  timing  was outstanding every time a class came on stage. Room 11 knew the exact time they had to change. Room 11 didn't need their teacher at all.

The music that each class chose was suitable for them. There were some current hip hop and some popular songs. Room 12 had a very good ideas with their songs, and it went perfect with their routine. The crowd was going wild and couldn't stop cheering for every song that came on. Room 1 had all the little kids, and they were doing their very best they can.

After the students performed their amazing routines. The parents were invited to skip with their children. Next the classes were allowed to skip in a group with a song playing. Then the teacher Mr. Naidoo made a statement about the day. All the students went back to their classes and went back to working.

Friday, 7 June 2013

We came second, Hooray!!!

We came Second, Hooray!!

On Wednesday GI yellow (the team I was in) came second in the inter school netball games. It was really challenging to verse saint pius for first place, they won by 6-3 points. The funny part was Kelvin walking up to get the certificate when Chloe was suppose too. That day made me work my legs of and my heart kept beating faster and faster, every time the ball came towards me. At least our team came second place, it is better than nothing.

Contribution by Egyptians

Walt: write a paragraph about the Egyptians contribution to Astronomy.

Contributions by Egyptians

Did you know that the calendar that we use today, was made in Ancient times. The ancient Egyptians have made  contributions to Astronomy, the 24 hours in a day and 365 days in our year. At least three different systems were invented in the Ancient past, the zodiac by the Mesopotamians, the lunar mansions in India, and the decans in Egypt. The nights division is 12 hours and the whole day put together is 24 hours. The decans were rising 10 days apart. Egyptian astronomers were forced to to make time, 12 hours at night and 24 hours a whole day.

In Ancient Past, the calendar was different to now. The year had 360 days and they finally added 5 more for feasting days(which is the same as today).Every year,one day after 4 years the calendar has to change. It took 1460 years to come back to its place it was in the start, including the sun.

%ages...and more

Walt: Revisit strategies to solve problem.

Decimal, Fractions and Percentages, Inequalities with decimals

The easy part about doing these problems, was fixing up the wrong answers. The challenging part about both games, was thinking which answer it really was, and working it out. Next year I need to learn and work on putting the right symbol in the right spot. These two games were really challenging for me, especially working out word problems.