Thursday, 30 May 2013

The great Sphinx

The great Sphinx

Walt: research and write story about the great Sphinx.

The great Sphinx was made out of limestone and is just below the great pyramid of Giza. The Sphinx represents a humans head and a lions body. The Sphinx has stand its ground in Egypt for over 4500 years.

The name Sphinx came from a Greek myth that had a woman's head on a lions body. The head and the body put together means that it is intelligent and strong. The Egyptians call it Abu El Hol.

The length of the body and the paws put together is 242 feet long. From the paws to the top of the head is 66 feet tall.

It is believed that King Khufu's son, King Khafra, built  the great pyramid and the Sphinx. King Khafra built the second pyramid in Giza. The pyramid is smaller than his fathers (king Khufu) but bigger than the third pyramid. The Sphinx sits beside the valley temple of Khafras pyramid. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the Sphinx was a powerful god.

The face of the Sphinx has been damaged for a long time but you can still see the human face.  The French used the Sphinx for target practice. The nose was shot of from the French. This legend is believed to be false. Others believe it was wind or sand that made the nose disappear.

The Written words-Ancient Egypt

Walt: look for information.

The written word

No one knows if Egyptians wrote first or if they learnt from their neighbours, the Sumerians. Historians believed that they both started writing at the same time, 3100 BC.


1. Hieroglyphics is Greek meaning sacred carving.
2. Ancient Greek went to Egypt and saw Hieroglyphs carved on the tombs and temple walls.   3.Hieroglyphs were symbols that represented everyday things.
4. Later on, new signs popped up that represented sounds.
5. Hieroglyphs were also made to calculate mathematical problems.


1. A scribe is a very important tool back then.
2. In modern days they would be called a pen.
3. The ends were chewed by Scribes to make a brushlike tip.


1. The earliest hieroglyphs were cut into stone monuments onto clay tablets, they were both hard to write on.
2. The first examples of paper, named Papyrus, date from 3000 BC the time when the    Egyptians began to write.
3. Papyrus is made from a papyrus plant.

Prime Factors...

Walt: Solve problem with fractions.

Prime Factors, Fractions Jeopardy, Transformation

Prime Factors is an explanations about how to break down a number into factors. The Fraction Jeopardy game is a challenge between how much people you want to challenge at adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing fraction problems. The transformation game is about reflecting the house to where it is suppose to be. All three games have something in common, they are all challenging.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Integrating Math and Topic

Walt: make sense of our learning.

Integrating Math and Topic

In room 11 we have made 3-4 pyramids. Our choice to make pyramids, is because we have been studying on Ancient Egypt for this term. Our class studied architecture in art for Ancient Egypt. It is amazing that one of pyramids is one of the seven wonders. This wonder is the last wonder ever standing for over 2500 years BC. A very long time ago, Egyptians never had machines to help them with putting the stones up high. Did you know... Civilization began in Egypt.

Should soft drugs be decriminalised

Walt: write an opinion.

Should soft drugs be decriminalised?

In my opinion, I say drugs shouldn't be decriminalised because it can do lots of damage to humans. Taking Cannabis can make the humans metal in the mind, and has a high opportunity to be addicted to it. Cannabis is bad for your heart and your lungs, it is possible to get lung cancer. Drugs is not good to have so don’t have it.

If your friends are all smoking drugs, don’t copy them because you think they are cool. You don’t have to copy your friends, if you only copied your friends because you were the odd one out, get new friends. There are more people to make friends with, then the friends you already have.

My family takes drugs, but I never ever will copy them. My family is one of the worst families in history. They have a very bad criminal record (I won’t mention the names) and it is never right to follow them. My mother has quit smoking drugs a very long time ago. I want to be just like my mum.

I want to grow up  with a great job and good money. I don’t have any older brothers or sisters to tell me that have to take drugs. My friends don’t take drugs, and I hope it will stay like that. I do love my family, but I just don’t want to follow them. My future will be happy and healthy.

Pyramids of Egypt

Walt: write an information report.

Pyramids in Egypt

Inside the pyramids is a tomb for the rich; the queens and the kings. They were built in Ancient Egypt, for the Kings and Queens. It is believed that there was life after death. The Egyptians wanted the body to be safe and the spirit to set free. If anyone opened the tomb, the Egyptians believed there was a curse for opening it.

Their bodies were embalmed with linen. After they were wrapped with linen or cotton, they were placed in their tomb. They are now called mummies.

It took 20-30 years to build a pyramid. There were about 2,300,000 blocks to build for the great pyramid of Giza. To build this pyramid, there were about 100,000 slaves. The experts today say that it took 25 000 slaves. After the pyramids were built, the slaves, farmers, officials, and everyone else got a reward with gold, extra beer, and a few other things. The slaves had certain days to work and certain times to eat. Sometimes the slaves got free time, with a beer or a rest.  

Most pyramids were built in Giza, on high grounds. The pyramids were built in the desert, not by the Nile. If the pyramid were built by the Nile, the pyramids could overflow with water. The slaves that were told to come to build it, had to come before their king or queen died. The slaves all the way on the other side of Egypt, would have to travel on a boat up the Nile. You wouldn't go searching by the Nile, or in the city. The pyramid is 450 feet high and 756 feet long.

It is so fascinating that one of the pyramids, is one of the seven wonders. It is the last wonder standing. King Khufu's, pyramid is the wonder that is alive today. King Khufu's pyramid is the biggest and largest pyramid. This pyramid is very tall and very wide. The Egyptians that built this pyramid, made it exactly perfect. The pyramid isn't near the Nile or the city, for safety issues.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My popplet about Egypt

Check out my popplet about Egypt. Scroll around and to find out more.

Monday, 20 May 2013

My lit trip

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Check out my lit trip story. Click on the URL or move around, to find out more.
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Thursday, 16 May 2013

My hieroglyphics name

My very first competitive netball game

Walt: use our emotions to describe playing sport.

My very first competitive netball game

I felt very nervous when I pulled up with my team mates. I felt really shy at first, but after I was motivated by our team, I felt comfortable. I was highly anxious to shoot the ball into the goal. I always had to breath then shoot the ball in the hoop. I played the second half. After a few shots, my legs were extremely heavy. I could hardly move around the place, it was like I was stuck in to the ground. I was really annoyed with the umpire because she was really quiet, and I kept getting a growling because I couldn't hear her. I felt particularly happy to hear that we won. I am keen for the next game that we play. I feel eager to play our next netball game.

Solving fraction problems

Walt:solve fraction word problems.

180 is the answer.
2/5 of $450=$450 divided by 5=90
(I got 5 from the denominator)
(I got 2 from the numerator)
Marcus spent $180 on a DVD player.
1/3 of 270=270 divided by 3=90
(I got 3 from the denominator)
(I got 1 from the numerator)
Marcus spent $90 on a jacket.
Marcus had $180 money left to spend.

This problem wasn’t easy, it was complicating. I was really confused. I couldn’t work this out fast enough. No one helped me with this problem, so it was just me. Next I would like to learn, and work out bigger problems. I want to learn bigger problems so I can get good at it.  

Dabir the donkey-story

Dabir the donkey-story

Dabir is a donkey. This story was based a very long time ago. It was near a pyramid in Egypt. Dabir has no one to play with, and he is very annoying. Dabir decided to annoy some other animals.All day he tried having fun. The problem is, he is very annoying. All these animals are Egyptian animals.

Dabir annoyed a  group of bees, a group of camels, a group of sleeping crocodiles and he also annoyed his master. The bees tried stinging him and the camels tried chasing him as well, the sleeping crocodiles wanted to bite him and the master wanted to ride him. They all chased him around a pyramid. They all gave up and went back to their habitats.

No one wanted to play with Dabir and no one cared that he was bored. Dabir started getting tired, every time Dabir was tired he would lie under a palm tree. He didn't solve his problem at all.

Friday, 10 May 2013


I am learning to solve algebra problems with letters in. The easy part was answering the questions that had no letters in. The challenging one, was working out the letter questions with long word problems. The way for me to get better, is to get use to working with letters in math problems. I would really love to learn more about ratio, and get better at it. This picture shows a problem. My strategy: if x=4, then 4x=44 right, 44+3x (3x=34), 44+34=78. I didn’t get the answer right so I have to keep trying.

Falling rain

Rain poem

falling rain
Just wash away
Don’t bother coming back again
In the winter
In the fall
I don’t want to see you

Your drip drops
Please make them stop
begins to complain
because of your
falling rain

Make the sun shine appear
The birds need to be heard
All I see is hail
lots of rain
for all the whales
Your pitter patter frightens me
I stayed in and drank some tea

Leaves fall with the rain
The noise comes again and again
trees are soaking all the water
Feeling my jacket
That has fluffy fur
In the rain
there are lots of leaks
Outside the squirrels
go squeak, squeak, squeak

Ra and Isis

Ra and Isis is an Ancient Egyptian myth. Ra and Isis are the characters. The story was held in Egypt, a very long time ago. Ra was the most powerfulest person in the world, who created everything. Isis was jealous of Ra’s power, and Isis wanted to know what Ras great name was. Isis came up with a plan. Ra was getting older and growing weaker. Ra drooled, and Isis collected some of his saliva. Isis made a serpent, and placed it on ras walking path. Ra went for a walk, and the serpent stung Ra. Ra fell and Isis helped Ra, because Ra told Isis his great name. I learnt that any historical story that has gods in it, is a myth.   

3 questions

1. When is the best time to do things?

The best time to do things, is when it is boring. When it is boring, I could liven people up, so it won’t be so boring.

2. Who s the most important person?

The most important person in my family, is my grandmothers. I always care about them, when they can’t make their own toast, I will be their for them. When they are really old, I will take responsibility for their safety.

3. What is the right thing to do?

Every Time people bully my brothers, I always tell them not to. Telling people to not bully my brothers is the right thing to do.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My island of Paradise

Walt: write a creative story in paragraphs.

My Island if Paradise

In my Island of Paradise, there will be so many things. My island is going to be amazingly huge. The island is going to be near Auckland in New Zealand. In 10 to 15 years, this just might become reality.

In my sight, there is a manchent made especially for me, my family and friends lived with me too. On the roof, there was a helicopter. Right outside the manchent were two big chocolate fountains, with chocolate flowing out of both sides, on each fountain. I stayed up as late as I want, because my parents didn’t mind. My friends and I stayed up late and chatted to each other, we ate lollies and ice-cream late at night.

In the morning, I woke up and turned on my music. I left my room a mess and cleaned it later. For breakfast, my friends were there, waiting for me to get ready. I got ready then me and my friends drove off in my ferrari to the nearest zoo. On the way to the zoo, there was a beautiful, clean, lakes. We went to see the lions rising with their mighty roars, the giraffes were hungry, and the zoo keepers let us feed them.

On the way back to the manchent, we stopped by a wave pool, and had a swim. I lied back in the pool, and looked up at the glass roof. Right through the glass roof, was a clear blue sky. Next, I left to go and visit the hydroslides. Once our skins got wrinkle and we are getting bored, we got out and left.

Back in the car, we finally went home. At home, no one was there, and there was a note left on the fridge, saying that everyone is gone to the nearest theme park, with roller coasters. I was so exhausted, so I let one of my friends drive. Once we got to the nearest theme park with roller coasters, I spotted candy land. I went to buy me some chocolate to liven me up. I found my family, and told them I am back... they didn’t care.

I got home, and relaxed. Once I fell on my bed, I instantly woke up. It was all a dream, only if it was real. I was angry, and tried going back to sleep. I wish my island of paradise was real.