Friday, 15 February 2013

Interview with Trey

 My interview with Trey.

What is your favourite sport and why?
Touch, because there is a lot of running and a lot of people play it. In my school, touch is very popular and is the number one game we play.

Explain what you do on the weekend?
On the weekends I go to Panmure Wharf and  to play and swim.I also meet up with friends and hang out with them.

What is your favourite food and why?
My favourite food is Homemade pies because it is simple to make. I always make it myself with only my mums help My mum buys the ingredients for me and I cook it .

What is your future planning when you become an adult and why?
When I grow up I want to become a police officer. I was inspired by a man who almost saved a lady from burning to death. He through a wet cloth over her but she was already dead. So sad that the lady did not survive.

Do you go training for any sport and where?
Yes I do go training, I go UFC fighting in Mission Bay because when I grow up I will know how to stand my ground. I will protect myself.

Is your future planning big?
It is not really big. All I want to do is study hard and go to university, to become  a police officer.

Is cell phones appropriate for children and why?
Cell phones is appropriate for children, so the children can text their parents to tell them where they are going after school. They can ring for help too.

What are your favourite Television programmes and why?
Comedy programmes because it is way too hilarious for me. Some of them make me laugh.

Friday, 8 February 2013

All about me in 2013

All about me in 2013

I hope to learn a lot more about measurements and volume in the maths category. Measurements and volume is one of the hardest things in the maths category for me. I need to grab a book at the library or even do measurement and volume homework.
I would love to learn college so I don't need to worry when it comes to scholarship examines. I want something challenging for me to learn this year. The goal for me this year is to keep up with work and don't slow down. I would also love to learn how to make a lot of friends and how to ignore the silly students.

This year in my opinion, would be exciting. Learning new things such as, the hard things like year 8 work. With work I would make it exciting not hard and stressing about it. I think it won't be that long for me to get use to the new work. I can not wait until we go technology because there will be more of us then last year..

Leadership will take a lot of learning for, like transporting the parents to their set to watch an amazing thing like Jump rope. Also learning how to be a receptionist, learning how to cooperate with people on the phone. Learning things for me is exciting.

The thing I am looking forward to this year is when our school has the athletics events. I love that sport the most. It helps me with exercise and everything else. Challenging others is what I like doing. It is fun and competitive for me.